Dandelions Promise


Jay Chou

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Dandelions Promise
Dandelions Promise
phiên bản 1/1
Đóng góp: lighthousenguyen2505

The dandelions that lay beside the elementary school’s fence

Scenery beautiful in my memories

The cricket's chirping in the court yard during a noon nap

Still sounds good years later

Put wishes in a paper airplane and mailing it as a letter

Because we couldn’t wait for the meteor

Throwing destiny's coin in all seriousness

Yet I have no idea where I can go

The promise that we will grow up together is still fresh in my mind, believing the pinky swore I made

We said we'd travel together, the sole thing you wilfully insist on, till now*

Being punished to stand in the hallway and getting our palms smacked

Yet all we noticed were the dragonflies beside the window

No matter where I go you'd always follow closely

Lots of dreams are waiting to be carried out

Repeat **

The promise that we will grow up together, so full of sincerity, never-ending chats about the past

I can no longer tell the difference. Are you a friend? Or a love that has passed me by

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