Dawn 2 Dusk -

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Dawn 2 Dusk
Zing MP3

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Dawn 2 Dusk
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[Willie D of Geto Boys]
Yeah, here we go again
We bout to roll on some motherfuckers
G.B. Rap-A-Lot Mafia
Recognize the mob Nigga
All our motherfuckin' enemies goin dead together
No exception, absolutely none
Everybody dies, everybody
Verse 1:
[Willie D]
You ain't followin' the leader
Less you follow with me
It's Willie D, motherfucker
Eternally to say,
that I'm a loud-mouth Nigga with an attitude
Intimidation, fuckin' with a man
Never seen a badder dude
I'm rather lude
My condom sucked
But I don't give a fuck
Now Nigga, Nigga what
Opposition so frightend that they vrim a shadow
Hot sluts in the muggship creep without a paddle
I'm ready willin', and able to pull a bullet in your navel
If you got beef bring it to the table
I'm unstabile, look in my eyes
It's showin' death
Fuck right, I go on livin'
Wanna see a mil, before I'm killed
Get a house on the hills if it's God's will
Why Niggas gotta cry an O.G
Better motherfuckers die before me
Bye, bye
There's a better place for gangbangers
I take you there
I like the motherfuckin' stablesingers
My itchy finger says fuck it and I squeeze the trigger
Watchin' I be the one to splat this ho-ass Nigga
I ain't feelin'
[Yukmouth of The Luniz]
In thugs we trust
Nigga hit 'em up
Get 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
5th Ward die for us
Ride for us
Killa Cali die for us
In thugs we trust
Nigga hit 'em up
Get 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
Cleveland die for us
Ride for us
Street Port die for us
Verse 2:
Ride for us, die for us
With a .45 like drive and bust
Hide and duck, fuck him up
Live and stuffed
When the blinds is up
I'm on some mo'
Grindin' though, switch it up
Bust, we makin' that shit from one way 5 and up
Time's up, playin' life with us
Your wife get fucked and bucked, pay the price for us
An other one bites the dust
Feds don't frighten us
Niggas doin' life for us
Fuckin' die in us
So the cops lyin' us
We us use the bottom white stuff from the Colombians
Now the CIA's supplyin' us
The FBI is eyein' us
Peruvian flake
We buy it up
When the droubt hit
We highin' up
The prices in life is this nicest
On my Rolex, turkey like dicess
CV devices, slide in a white six with like tits
Spit that Mafia life shit
The crimeboss let nines off
You Niggas better be tearin' mines off
Motherfucker ask Willie D
And Scarface
How that Nigga Yuk, buck 'em up
Leave 'em in they car laced
With bullet fragments all in they body
Caught him the trafic
That Nigga plastic
Be fuckin' fagets
In thugs we trust
Nigga hit 'em up
Get 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
Chi-Town die for us
Ride for us
D.C. die for us
In thugs we trust
Nigga hit 'em up
Get 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
New Orleans die for us
Ride for us
Detroit die for us
Verse 3:
I got a chest full of drama
Ruff rider, Nigga
Back off 'for I bomb ya
Alarm ya
Black knight in shinin' armor
Fuck y'all Niggas
We rollin' like the car stolen
Wide open, hoo-bangin'
2 things are on blastin'
Traffic thick as a basket pop
I don't blast this
Fully automatic
All up in ya
Still I continue
To serve Niggas on the menu
Feel up to vin you
Geto Boys sellin' it down
Ain't real without a doubt
You burn it out
Movin' you Niggas
Provin' you Niggas
I ruin you Niggas
I'm cruisin you Niggas
Doin' you Niggas, don't do Niggas
Who is you Niggas
Uh, they rifles
Live bowl, take yo ass bush with 9 holes
Side holes get switched these
Bitch please
It's G.B. from the wound till the tomb
Eternally you see
In thugs we trust
Nigga hit 'em up
Get 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
Texas die for us
Ride for us
Minnesota die for us
In thugs we trust
Nigga get 'em up
Hit 'em up
Watch the cats from dawn 2 dusk
Ride for us
Ghetto mob die for us
Ride for us
St. Louis die for us
Verse 4:
[Caine of Menace Clan]
The sun rises in the East
And sets in the West
But I'm down with that South,
with an S on my chest
It's that loced down key cocaine
To bring the pain
>From that menace to society
Better known as Caine
It's that motherfuckin' thug shit
I'm bustin' slugs shit
Young and schoolboy
I'm becomin' a drug dealer
In the streets of that West
I wouldn't settle for less
Until I got my hands on that Smiff and that Wes
Niggas try to swollow me
It's all about survival, G
Fuck these bitch Niggas
It's off some trouble, G
I blow 'em in the wind
And then I sell again
I pack a 9 milli
Cause that's my best friend
Niggas, I done told ya
Blow 'em up like dohja
Your momma couldn't keep ya
So I ain't tryin' to hold ya
I'm a motherfuckin' menace
Give me a life sentence
Picture it ain't over
Untill the Nigga finish
With that motherfuckin' thug shit
Bustin' slugs shit
I'm straight from the West
Home of that Crip and Blood shit
Where Niggas die at day
Niggas die at night
Niggas die whenever
It seems the time is right
These soldiers play for keeps

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