Gone Are My Memories

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Gone Are My Memories
Gone Are My Memories
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Đóng góp: mientay989

I’ve been searching in silence for a long time. I just couldn’t find the memories that has been gone for such a long time. Day by day it fades away. My whole life seems to pass me by. Gone are my memories, nothing’s for me to lead.

Wish that I could change the time, oh to hold you in my arms again. Had so much to lose you, my love is hard to lead. You and I both know it’s gone now, it’s hard to leave our past behind. Only thing that we can do is only waiting for our chance to come.

To life and death it’s only thing that we can do. Sometimes I can flip the pages of the story that we shared before. Hoping they will reappear but they don’t seem to be the same. Gone are my memories, nothing‘s for me to lead.

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