Hello - Nu'est (English Cover)


Mallorie Herrera

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Hello - Nu'est (English Cover)
Hello - Nu'est (English Cover)
phiên bản 1/1
Đóng góp: be_patient

Baby hello?
Did you stop to eat?
What is it you're doing? Because I'm worried
Tell me baby where you at? (Baby hello?)
Call me baby, I'll be there
Wherever you are, I'll be there (Baby hello?)
Pick up the phone girl cause I gotta be there

Is there traffic? You're running late again (Your impatient heart)
I guess you forgot your battery tonight (I over thought)
Seemed like it would rain so at the end of a dilemma (You better go)
I went earlier to get you, I wanted to see you now

You'll be surprised when you, you see me (You will like it girl)
In order not to miss you I should (I should run faster)
Oh I see you from far away but why I
When I called you tell me why did I have to say

Baby hello?
Did you stop to eat?
What is it you're doing? Because I'm worried
Baby hello? Why aren't you talking to me?
Baby hello? (Baby hello?)
Baby hello? (Baby hello?)

I, I come to pick you up in case it rained
In case you would have to walk alone in the rain
I'm in front of your house and I, I guess you're with someone
But I couldn't say those things just in case I lost you now

Baby I know my actions are cowardly
Even if you make fun, calling me a coward I can't go
Do you even know how I feel now?
Baby tell me why is my way to you just like that?
Why is it the way to hell?
It don't make no sense
I'm the one who comforted your loneliness
Hurry tell me that there's nothing going on between ya'll
Why can't I be? Baby please just say something to me

What are you doing over there now?
I'm staring at you blankly from here
Tell me can't you feel me? Can't you feel me watching?
Say what you wanna say tomorrow
Tell me that you're sorry tomorrow
Baby tell me where do you keep looking?
Oh this is the place where you should be


I want to see you because it's raining (Because it's raining)
Because I'm walking on the street I walked with you (I feel like dying)
I'm at your house, I miss you but I guess you don't miss me (I miss you so, I miss you so)
Actually I'm going crazy, I can't go without you

Baby I can't let you go (Did you stop to eat?)
I only think about you girl
What would I be without you girl (what you doin'?)
Don't tell me lies, don't say goodbye
I just wanna let you know (Why aren't you talking to me?)
I only think about you girl
What would I be without you girl?
What would I be without you girl?
Baby hello?

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