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How can I promise you forever
When I can't even promise the rest of the day
All I know is we started this journey together
And hopefully we can make it the rest of the way

Insha-llah, Insha-llah
Insha-llah, Insha-llah

Dialect kinda slurred
Did you catch that word blurred
Talk slow, walk slow
And years passed
Make that cash
Never took a second look
Follow the words in the book
Watch 'em chill and cook
Somethin' new for your ears, bro
Same sing-song
Wantin' to bail out the front door
Which you lookin' at me more
I can show you shit that you never seen before
Crushed ice for cold drinks
Makin' music for the worldly
And the people in it
If you gotta spin it
Life is only five minutes

We got contrabanded
I recite about bein' free
Only to a certain extent
In a country run by a president
That doesn't know a single resident
In my 'hood
It is good
Or that is fucked-up
I let 'em speak for me
Break bread and peace treaty
Across seas [?]
Till the feds get it
And split it
With other federals
And [?] agents and senators and representatives that live off us
And feed off us
For new ides
For years
Niggaz been raped
Let's escape
This dope
But how?
When it's locked into our chemistry for
'Cause nigga that's all we know
That's how we grow


Remember me, I explain
Our relentlesship
?While true made me get the grain[?]
And I refuse to settle
Well except the simple and plain
I'd much rather excite
Delight and entertain
Passionately persistant
When I preach this positivity
For stand up god, write hard things I like to say
And our words don't take a chance
See if I can make y'all dance
But I really ain't got that much time to play
Just row
Your little boat down the stream
Go slow
'Cause life is only a dream
And if I should die before I awake
I leave to all my beloved this message to take

[Big Gipp]
The merciful
Lord of worlds
Master of the days of judgement
Got me on a path
Upon those who you bestowed your favors
Not upon those who your wrath has brought down
Nor on those who go astray after hearing your teachings
Confidence shot
Selfless thing go extremely
Contageous flavor
Distributed in major
Tomatoes with juice
Chances of prostate cancer
Disease is fictitious
Never abandon your Emmanuel
For want of religion
Kept peasants 180
Just got back
From what
It ain't nothin' but gamblin'
In the pockets scramblin'
To avoid the sack
I'm seldom seen
'Cause I'm on the label
No dis
Boneless fingers go from
For the one
In a matter of tone
A target of
Since sense has made me enemies
It has performance in demand
Violence, a tradition in the Western Hemisphere
Claim jumpers and land jackers


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