Let It Go



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Let It Go
Let It Go
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Đóng góp:

Every night I lie awake

My thoughts rolling in

Love is won, love is lost

And loves that might have been

I see the ghost of long lost hope

And shattered broken dreams I know it's time

To carry on It's harder than it seems


I gotta let it go, all the pain and thrive

I gotta let it go, and move on with my life

I gotta let it go, it's time to let it be

I gotta let it go, and then I can be free

The times gone by,

I can't deny

They've left their mark on me

Don't undertstand the master plan

That only god can see

I need to know, I wanna go

And lock it all inside

I wonder why and say goodbye

And gather up my pride


I know I have the will to carry on

Life's made me strong

I've learned too much to turn my head away

I'm gonna stay

And brick by brick I'll build my life again

And I'll begin

To learn from all of my mistakes

Then let them fly away

I gotta let it go

I got to let it go,

I got ot let it go, I got to let it go. ohhh (repeat)


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