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Never Be Peace
Zing MP3

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Never Be Peace
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[Verse 1: Tupac] Now of course I want peace on the streets But realistically Painting perfect pictures ain't never work My misery was so deep Couldn't sleep through all my pressures In my quest for cash I learned fast Using violent measures Memories of adolescent years Their was unity But after puberty we brought war To our community So many bodies dropping Its gotta stop I want to help But still I'm stepping Keeping my weapon Must protect myself The promise of a better tomorrow ain't never reach me Plus my teachers were to petrified in class to teach me Sipping thunderbird And grape kool-aid Calling Earl since my stomach was empty It seduced me to fuck the world Watch my 'lil homies Lose there childhood to guns Nobody cries no more Cause we all die for fun So why you ask me if I want peace If you cant grant it Niggas fighting across the whole planet So we can never be peace [Chorus] Will there ever be peace? Or all we all just headed for doom, Still consumed by the beefs, And I know there never be peace, That's why I keep my pistol when I walk the streets Cause there can never be peace [Verse 2: Kastro] Somebody owes me Will they control me?, nah I ain't a hater playa But I want all you got Your babies have babies Now we fighting each other My dogs got rabies They biting each other 'n' it ain't hard to find a friend like mine Big fully is a bully And he don't mind dying And I gotta be bright Miss sign after sign Time after time After time after time And I don't like nobody They don't like me more And I'm cool with that finally But they heard it before Dog We living in a prison Losing our religion on em Thanks given when thankful just for living in hell Damn homey I don't mean to be harsh But it's the devil in the ghetto trying to tear it apart And if we make it up out We still stuck in the dark Will there ever be peace? Just the peace in my heart Never [Kastro talking] The only peace we got Is the peace in our heart Or the peace in our mind Right there in piece that we hold in our waste line Feel me dog? Cm'on [Chorus] Will there ever be peace? Or all we all just headed for doom, Still consumed by the beefs, And I know there never be peace, (never) Thats why I keep my pistol when I walk the streets 'Coz there can never be peace [Verse 3: Napolean] Things are changing Nigga you better fantasize I'm only concerned about me and mine in these times The world is a ghetto where peace is not a part of it We all goin' need God if we plan to get out of this Niggas spending too much time hating on each other Niggas buyin' guns Load em up Aim at each other And the victim is you and me The secret is true indeed The good die Mostly over bullshit Repeatedly Deep in me there's a part that wants nothing but love But the rest of me knows war is what's waiting for us So I stays ready Keep my pay heavy and boss up Stack my funds and my guns Never rely on luck Asking God to point out the imposters Never let no weapon formed against me prosper Cause they'll never be peace So don't rely on it Soldiers die for And in the ghetto, they trying for it FUCK PEACE [Chorus X3] Will there ever be peace? Or all we all just headed for doom, Still consumed by the beefs, And I know there never be peace, That's why I keep my pistol when I walks the streets Cause there can never be peace [Tupac Talking] Shit, fuck peace On the strength till my niggas get a piece We cant have peace How the fuck we gonna live happy if we ain't got none? You motherfuckers is smiling, but I'm mean mugging Why? Cause gotta be thugging I've seen drugs done turned this motherfucking hood out All us niggas acting up Wild ass motherfucking adolescents These niggas ain't even got no childhoods no more How the fuck can you have a childhood and you have a funeral every motherfucking weekend And you motherfuckers talking about peace? Nigga, it ain't no motherfucking peace You ain't seen the news motherfucker? You ain't heard? Little babies getting smoked Motherfuckers killing there whole family 'Lil kids getting thrown off buildings Motherfuckers gettin abused Peace? Niggas you out your motherfucking mind? Fuck peace We can't never have peace, till you motherfuckers clean up this mess you made 'Till u fucking clean up the dirt u dropped 'Till we get a piece Fuck peace Westside

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