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Đóng góp: Thursday is the thanksgiving holiday in the United State . Americans gather with family and friends to share a meal . Some celebrate the holiday by telling what they are most thankful for.
The holiday season a group of student-athletes in Wood burn High School boys soccer team has reached the State soccer Championship .
Playoff for twenty-five straight seasons .But the Bulldogs had never won the State championship until this year . Their victory on Saturday also represents a win for their mostly his panic hometown.
Writer Steven Wilson spent a year recording the successes and problems of the team .He wrote a book called the boys from little Mexico: A season chasing the American Dream". It tells about a community struggling with issues such as in migration and cultural changes.
Migrant farm worker from Mexico started coming to Wood burn , Oregon about fifty years ago . Many of the workers stayed and made the town their home . So the town became known as " little Mexico "
Steven Wilson thinks the Wood burn boys soccer team's continued hard work and effort to win the State .
Championship is similar to their cultural experiences . Like many Mexican Americans the boys on the Wood burn team faced major problems . They include poverty a language barrier and in migration issues . Mr Wilson wondered if those challenges were preventing the team from reaching it's goal of winning a state championship so he decided to follow the team for an entire season .
He got to known the players coaches and supported one of the players he writes about in the book is Martin Maldonado Cortez .Martin says he and the other boys on the team knew that Wood burn had a bad image .
The town has a population of only twenty - two thousand people , but it faces many of the same problems found in large cities , these include gang violence and illegal drugs . He says when the team to play other schools the people did not act friendly toward them.
Martin says his coaches told him to show pride in his culture , they told him to make an effort to be successful in life- and not just on the field.
And that's the VOA Special English Education Report our programs are with transcripts and mp3 files at m and you can find us on Twitter Facebook and You tube at VOA Learning English . I'm Steve Ember.

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