On Rainy Day



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Lời bài hát On Rainy Day

Đóng góp: On Rainy Days ( Eng ver ) ( Cover ) - StillNotDavid
Đóng góp: ducanhZ5Z

[8] Girl I know that it's been so long
[8] And I admit that I was wrong
[6] The one at fault was me
[8] But I can't seem to run away
[7] Thinking 'bout it every day
[7]I can't forget these memories

[7] Though I shouldn't be surprised
[8] There's teardrops forming in my eyes
[3] Why did I
[8] Sit there and watch you walk away
[8] I thought that time would help me heal
[7] All this pain I have to feel
[9] But I'll always remember the days

[7] When the rain starts falling
[5] You are here with me
[8] Through the night you are all I see
[6] But as I come closer
[5] You would disappear
[11] So I know that you were never really here

I swear I must be crazy, must be going insane
All these images of our past going through my brain
Maybe cause I'm drunk, but I could feel the pain
See ever since you left, all I ever see is rain
And I still remember when you said that you'd never leave my side
Now I think about it, it was just another lie
And I really wanna hate you
But I know the fault was mine
[7] Although I have tried so hard
[8] You had to leave me in the dark
[3] Now we are
[8] Strangers a thousand miles apart
[8] I thought these rainy nights would flush
[7] All these memories of us
[9] But I'll always remember because

[7] When the rain starts falling
[5] You are by my side
[8] And I'm left with no place to hide
[6] All the pain I suffered
[5] Never goes away
[11] I'm reminded of you on the rainy days

[4] (I just don't know)
[10] How we just fell apart so suddenly
[9] Now there's nowhere in your heart for me
[8] I know that it's my fault I was
[7] So blinded from this pride
[9] Now I'm left here alone in the night

[7] When the rain starts falling
[5] You are here with me
[8] Through the night you are all I see
[6] All this pain I suffer
[5] Never goes away
[11] I'm reminded of you on the rainy days


So what am I supposed to do now
someone give me a sign
It's kinda funny how I lost you
now I'm losing my mind
I know this can't be the end
When this storm is over we could make amends
Baby I know you're coming back
I could hear you at the door
But wait
How could you be knocking
When you're sitting on the floor?

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