Picture Of You

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Picture Of You
Picture Of You
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(Verse 1) - Alf
Hmm, hmmm
Girl, I'm thinking of you
And I don't know what to do
Let me see into your mind
Only you can decide
Do u see in me a change?
Got me whispering your name
What is there in your heart?
Tell me right from the start, I love you
And I'm thinking of you
Got me singing my, my, my, my
Please be mine

(Chorus) - Thanh
Coz I've got a picture of you in my heart
And a vision of you in my arms
And I just can't deny what's going
On in my soul and I
I can't let u walk away
Till you hear what I got to say
I love u more, more
More than the air I breathe

(Verse 2) - Joel
Take me back to the start
When you captured my heart
You became my closest friend
Said you'll be there till the end
And I know that I was wrong
When I told you everything
But there is one thing I kept
In the deepest part of me
I don't know what you're feeling
Cuz I know my ship is sinking
Got me singing my, my, my, my
Please be mine (please be mine, yeah)


(Bridge) - Thanh
Oh.... yeah.....
How would I know if you're feeling what I'm feeling
I can only hope that you're thinking what I'm thinking
Of you
How would I know if you're feeling the same way I do?
Cos I.....

(Chorus) *2

(outro) - Thanh
Mmm, Oh yeah, ohh
Picture of You

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