Rainbow (Con Chim Non Remix)

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Rainbow (Con Chim Non Remix)
Rainbow (Con Chim Non Remix)
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Đóng góp: octupusvsrabbit

Let me see you walk on the colors nice and shine and
Make it bright
Let me see you walk on the colors nice and shine and
Make it bright
Let me see you walk on the colors nice and shine and
Make it bright
Let me see you let me let me let me see you let me let me

[Verse 1:]
Beautiful rainbow,
Like the spectrum of 7 - the colours,
you know they\'re painted in the sky
It’s like the seven days
It\'s like the seven ways
Like the feelings of joy, love, mad, hope, even depression
Drop the rain and shows what the seven colors are aye
Now play with Rainbow
Like you\'ve never play around before
Wear the Rainbow
Like you\'ve never feel the joy before
Ride the Rainbow high n\' low
With the beat goes up like fast n\' slow
Let me see the Red
Fire tells me hot
Let me see the Orange
Juicy\'s what they got
Let me see the Yellow
This is how they glow
Now let me see the Green
Ima tell you fo sho\'

[Hook x2:]
Rainbow shines
Rainbow shines
Rainbow flys
Rainbow flys
Rainbow dances
Up the sky
You\'re the colours of my life

[Verse 2]
Green to blue, like land to sea,
smile to smile, laugh to laugh,
your face is glowing, do you know?
you have a nice hair, take off that hat.
Rainbows dont show if you dont show
Rainbows dont glow if you dont glow
For inside of it you’ll see you\'ll find yourself in every color you would find what a rainbow ought to be
Tell me whats it gonna be
Tell me what you believe and see
Tell me that you\'re here with me
Waiting for rainbow In the raindrops Meadow,
Sky is not showing grace Rainbow is not in trace
Let me see the Blue
You know what they do
Let me see the Indigo wha chu know bout the great intermingle
Now let me see Violet
Romantic baby girl
And let me see the seven colors dancing on the air


So whats ya favorite colors hah?

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