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Sesame Street
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Sesame Street
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"Sesame Street"

Sometimes words are enough to kill over
Thanksgiving didn't give
So what should I hope for
I keep on looking fo job
But job seems not to like me
What else my doors kick off the hedges
Somebody just fill they Christmas list
Off me and tha family
And damn I just miss them
Felt like I've been raped
A figures been through my drawers
Always read tha times in between tha black
Spent my summers in that country
So I consider myself a Jack
Some left this world by putting bullets in they head
But little Johnnie across the street
hung hisself from his bunk-bed
Had to go to court in tha mornin'
Nothing hard about it
My little partner was just scared
How scared Gipp that scared

When I was B-gee
Used to think I couldn't be hit
None of my homies carried guns
All I had was a stick
Coming out hard was the way from day one
One of the smallest muthafuckers in the crew
But you knew and feel the type of niggas that kill
Be the ones that's out to prove something
To them other niggers cause
They already know the outcome
What's going down at the party
So many fine hoes nobody knows why
We buck, I guess we up in a rut
Looking for but at the same time
Up in the Flame supporting girls up in the game
Out to get a piece of what the system
Has designed black folks to struggle for
So I bust, so much to deal with
Can't feel what's real from fake
For my sake I stay close to home
So them crackers don't take and
Never give back to my hood
In desperate need of change
Be this way to
We arrage it to be fit me
Growing up on Sesame Street

Can you feel, what I feel?
Can you hear, what I hear?
Can you see what I see?
When ma feet hit the streets
What chu know?
What chu know?
About Sesame Street?

Georgia Power wants to put me in the dark
But one spark
I see Sammy streak to ma spot
In this red Fred Sanford truck undercover
But he geela folks fo da class "A" substances narcotics
Ole shought stopping ask?
Can be "shock-ca-locka"?
Um to mad to be scared
So for the price if you go it
Like that to be the boss you gladly pay it
An arm and a leg I'd be lying if I say I ain't
Need no help, can't do it by myself
It's raining sesame
Cause it's only so much time left in this crazy world
Mates in prison guards life with a hamma
So excuse ma grammar
Behind the walls of Atlanta, Federal Penn
The tait on "Fred Stock" the cell blox wit no C.O.'s
Equipped with radios

The system is fraud and the security camera
Now have we an eyeball on it yet
The second stage denied
I wonder if I get another trial

Remember me from way back in the days
Lived right around the corner from Benjamin Mays
I'm amazed that we made it this far
A po black family is all that we are
Wishing upon a star
For a trace of happiness
My mama do her best but she ain't making no progresss
Maybe it's a test that we all gotta pass
My situations making me grow too fast
13 and a half years old standing at the bus stop
Alone in the cold on my way to be degraded
For a fee to help get my family off this street called Sesame

Can you feel, what I feel?
Can you hear, what I hear?
Can you see what I see?
When ma feet hit the streets
What chu know?
What chu know?
About Sesame Street?

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