Sleeping on Me



Sáng tác: VBL | Album: Fastest Rapper| Thể loại: Rap / Hip Hop, Âu Mỹ| Lượt nghe:

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Lời bài hát Sleeping on Me

Đóng góp: Verse 1:
Imma shake em up wit this, im bout ta wake em up/ Cause they be sleeping on me, like my music doesnt bang enough/ Knowing I spit flames on tha track every time im kicking a verse/ I go psycho on tha microphone, they know im gifted with words/ Bet your bottom dollar aint nobody hotter, aint nobody stopping me or topping me, dont even bother/ You wont find a rapper that could ever match up to my level, i guess you gotta be on narcotics if you think you've found one/ Put em to the challege wit me imma leave em out done, imma show you its easy for me to run circles around em/ See, a thousand of em wouldnt even equal one of me, i wonder will there ever be somebody worthy but i doubt it

Oh, so your sleeping on me, like im not that dude/ I guess you got no clue, but like 2pac i got tha juice/ Your sleeping on me huh! I know what i gotta do, imma charge and rush at em as if i was an ox or bull/

Verse 2:
Im through with being nice to em/ My advice to em is that they just stay out my circumference, fo their life's ruined/ Im cold as an ice cube is, think you colder spit a rhyme, prove it/ They cant do it like I do it, I dont talk about it I prove it/ Like im doing right now and I sound better than these suckas now and days that try to rhyme now/ Spitting lava when it fly's out my mouth,like a volcano erupting, villages get wiped out/ Be advised now, you dont wanna try now, because its not wise now, I will put your lights out/ Listen my pal, you dont wanna make me angry, better stay away from me its for your own good/ Dont come in my face tripping giving me BULL(bullshit) coming against me your choosing to loose/ Move out my way when im swooping on through, if you dont imma knock out a tooth maybe 2/ You should just get out my path fo I flip because I will start flexing on you/ So dont give me a reason to leave you not breathing because it just takes me a second ta do/ I'll be glad to smack you/ lil baby, you probly still wash your hair wit Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo/ Your wack as hell, you might as well sell newspapers/ And your facker than the artificial flavors in a life saver/

(Hook )

Verse 3:
I dont even gotta try whenever I be rhyming/ I can say anything on a song and they'll still like it/ Thats because they know Im real and Im one of the livest/ Overall when I make a track I still provide fire/ Ya didnt know your dealing wit a villain bout to kill em wit the lyrics I be spitting Imma get em/ Im kinda hungry and they're looking like some dinner, imma eat em like a tender steak without any utensils/ Its kinda simple for me when I spit a riddle faster than a missile out a pistol aiming for your tempo/ For your info everybody knows Im better than you kiddo, not to mention they all know that your sweet as a pack of skittles/ Im not finished imma keep on going wit it, gotta give em tha biddness, and make em see its not a gimmic/ You be tripping like I dont be ripping, got ta be kidding me, you can say whatever you want but it isnt offending me/ Get it through your head you'll never be ahead of me until the death of me, you know it too, it isnt a mystery/ Im tha best indeed, my specialty is expertise, on my level is somewhere that you will never be/ Im to official with it, Im not talking no referee/ Im above you man, I always got the upper hand/ It didnt work this time, maybe on another chance/ So for now go back to the drawing board and come up with another plan/

( Hook )

Verse 4:
Im in a different caliber than all you challengers.../ Who's thinking you can see me any giving day, well, i'll prefer.../ That you pick a date to battle, mark it on your calender/ I'll make some time aside to leave you layed out down in dirt/ Your in trouble now busta, your bubble's bout to burst/ The pain is coming your way best believe its bout to hurt/ And you can try to rap like me but I doubt it works/ I got a lisp, I know, but when you rap fast you cant even make out your words/

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