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Childhood Memory
phiên bản 1/1
Đóng góp: 1409huynhnguyengiahan

When I was a child I was very naughty. The people said' I look like a boy' That was right!. I used to play football , I used to climbed trees and play marbles with boys that sort of things... I was a shrewish child If the person joked me and maked me feel angry I could fight him or her. I remember I nearly burnt my house. At that moment I was playing matches I turned it on and threw its away. Unfortunately the flame flew to the blanket. The blanket was burning into flames , my neighbour found the flames from my house. They shouted' help , help" and they sloved successful flames. At that times I was frightened , I didn't know to have to do. I thought in my mind I'd give a hiding If my parent went home. I ran away my house. I arrived my friend's house and I stayed one day at there. when my parent found me I was very very afraid of them . I thought they'd hurt me but when I came back my home , they just said me Did you know your mistakes? I said : yes , I know. Then they punished me to stand corner, they didn't hurt me. It was really lucky!!

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