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One Time Freestyle -

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One Time Freestyle
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Đóng góp: mp3

[ verse 1: johny c ]
The beat is pumpin, party's jumpin, makes you shakin the ground
Suckers starin while I'm darin you to try to get down
I'm controllin and I'm rollin out on any mc
He's not happy, that's a smile full of jealousy
Cold crushin and I'm dustin, leavin suckers behind
I could never be took, cause what's mine is mine
And I'm just realizin, I'm only hypnotizin
Girlies are in trance, breakin in cold sweat
When I snap my fingers you shall all snap out of it
I'm elevated, the greatness I've created
And I wanna thank God I finally made it
My beat is uptown, no, I won't trade it
Makin big bucks and none's drug-related
My dj's ready red, and he could never be imitated
So push 'power' and you'll hear the grand wizard fade it

Yo box
[ verse 2: juxe box ]
The time has come that I serve and you observe
You wanna challenge competition, you lack the nerve
I'm your destruction and come prior to ya, you gotta accept
And I be makin cash money, you a demo cassette
With a killer-like motive and a four-wheel drive
Keep you punks lined up, everyone will survive
I know you steal from other rappers like a rat on the hunt
Therefore your rhyme is just ? ? ? , so yo, don't front
Juke box the undisputed power house on the scene
Representin 5th ward, not hollis, queens
But if you know we're from the country, crushin kamikazie
You ain't on my mission, break out, see I advise you
Break fool and terrorize everything in sight
And never scared to book em when you get uptight

[ verse 3: johny c ]
Now I'm the prince of rhyme, and all of you cry
And I'm inspired by the beat and all you suckers who try
To defeat the undefeated johny c has the mind
To destroy the wonderboy, and any of mankind
Cause I'm never caught slippin, performance is tipped and
Like a hoe your ride my jock, I might as well start pimpin
Lyrics of destruction, invincible song
Runnin from the prince of rap, though I'm king-kong
Cause I'm shakin the nation, tearin down every tank
Only once I lost a battle, then I broke the sucker neck
It was an mc named (toy) he was a dumb-ass (boy)
Disc jockey farted as he charged to defeat the mccoy
I'm a rhyming rap wizard, rhymes are like venom
Bite em, you'll die, and I just say "to hell with him"
Why should I care for you suckers out there
Shoot you down in every battle, you still scream "unfair!"
Time for a rumble in this concrete jungle
Whiz that take a quiz, shoot you down in one bundle
My rhymes are motivating, your body responds
With the center party people gettin funky for mine
I'm a rapper, I'm through with ya, posse (tug of war)
We're confiscating (and raiding) and still the boys are hardocre

[ verse 4: juke box ]
Juke box, the rhyme performer performin a rhyme
I'm like the sun, muthafucka, now watch me shine
Spread light across the land, cause I'm the man
The original party rocker of an uptown jam
You know my style will never fade, you punks get slayed
I'm intendin to rock, there's money to be made
The undisputed rap pro keepin you on the go
Purchase, go buy a ticket to see my show
Because I made a lot of cash, we took you fast
But now you're jockin the box and I don't need your dumb ass

One time

[ ready red ]
Yo johny c and box, man
I want y'all to just chill out, man
Gimme the mic, man
I'ma show you how y'all rock this thing one time, man
Y'all know how to rock a uptown jam
Let's me show you what's up here, man
You know what I'm sayin?
Grand wizard dj red in effect
Word, bust this

[ verse 5: dj ready red ]
My home is where I roam, turntable's my peace
And in creation is a masterpiece
Because my music's my mind, cuttin breaks with rhymes
Snappin fingers, clappin hands, shakin behinds
Tearin up the place with the beats galore
Within my own world, we're no amateurs
Because I stayed in my room till my knowledge improved
Got busy tryin to catch the groove
You know I cut and scratched till I get it right
So now I rock a party morning, noon and night
You know I be jammin with my musical skill
My hands are deadly on the wheels of steel
One time

It's the geto boys in effect

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Geto Boys

Geto Boys (ban đầu được viết Ghetto Boys) là một nhóm nhạc rap từ Houston, Texas, bao gồm Scarface, Willie D, và Bushwick Bill. Các Geto Boys đã giành được tiếng tăm cho lời bài hát của họ trong đó bao... Xem toàn bộ

Geto Boys (ban đầu được viết Ghetto Boys) là một nhóm nhạc rap từ Houston, Texas, bao gồm Scarface, Willie D, và Bushwick Bill. Các Geto Boys đã giành được tiếng tăm cho lời bài hát của họ trong đó bao gồm các chủ đề gây tranh cãi như ghét phụ nữ, máu me, kinh nghiệm tâm thần, và xác chết.

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