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The Other Level
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[Bushwick Bill]
And fuckin two of the finest bitches around G;
it used to be fun, but now it's gettin borin to me
Constantly fuckin, fuckin, fuckin, fuckin
Ridin my dick like a horse, buckin, buckin
Now I'm gettin that enlightenment, in my life
I'm missin that excitement
Thinkin about, how these two girls could excite me
Then it hit me -- both of them liked me
Huh, HAHA, yeah that's the lick
Listen and learn, while I kick some more serious shit


Diggin deep into my mind, you understand
I came up with a dope-ass master plan
Thinkin while I sip on a 40
I got it! I'ma throw myself a private party
I called up one, and said, "Whassup?
What's goin on?" She said, "Nuthin much"
I said, "Hey, I got a very close friend, who wants to meet cha
She thinks you're pretty, and from what I told her, she too"
She thought about it and said, "Cool, it's on"
Pick me up at eight -- then I hung up the phone
I called up the other, dropped a little know-how
Kicked it to her smoooooth, that other level style
Then I dropped the second step of my plan
Asked her had she ever been with two men, or a woman and man?
("Say what?") It's just a question, I'm not out to diss you
She said, "Yeah baby it's cool, but yo, I'm heterosexual"
She was frontin man, trust me
Cause she's the type of hoe who like to taste her own pussy
When we're fuckin she takes the dick out, licks it all over
then she puts it in her mouth
Now after doin that type of shit
She could be talkin the other things REAL quick
I said, "I got another friend, I wanna party with
and we can all get into the hot tub and have a little bit of fun
You know baby? Hahaha!
Consider this a test and if you pass you'll be my number one"
She said, "Okay it's a date
I gotta make a few runs, so pick me up at eight"
"Huh, better make it eight thirty! Give me some time to wash up,
and take a bath because I'm kinda dirty"
Before she hung up the phone, I said, "Wait!
If you wasn't special to me, I wouldn'ta invited you on the date"
She said, "Yeah, I know - I love you see you later"
Things are gettin good but in the end they'll be much greater


Pick em up, then I make em feel comfortable
Crackin jokes, as if I was Cliff Huxtable
Get into the crib, things are hype
Fix em a couple of drinks, to get their heads right
but not too much cause I don't wanna make em woozy
Thirty minutes later, let's jump into the jacuzzi
One said, "I didn't even bring a swimsuit"
The other said, "Don't worry about it - ain't nobody gonna bite you;
cause I don't have one either.."
The shit was gettin dope! I had to take a breather
Step into the water and it's showtime
I'm a nigga -- so I GOTS to go for mine
But the key's to have patience
But with two of the finest girls in the world, who wouldn't be anxious?
But I kept my cool, grinnin like a devil
Know I'm bout to put these two bitches on that other level
Hayeah yeah yeah, I'm just your typical horny little devil


I make them both suck on my chest like Mr. Slick
Then I took one's head, and pushed it down to the dick
Now I got one on the dick, one on the nipples
Squeezin on they asses, the shit is so simple!
Then another smooth move real quick
I pushed the other bitch's head down to the dick
Now they're suckin on my dick like a lollipop
In and out of each other's mouth, when will they ever stop?
Oooh! Suckin on my pole; and while they suckin on my pole
I'm runnin my fingers through their pussyholes
Then back up to the chest again - YES!
Everything is cool, cause I'm the best my friend
Now they're lickin on my chest, my nipples rather die
Jimmy pushed both of their heads together
Now they kissin one another - oooh!
Fifty minutes later, they were eatin each other
I got these bitches so much into themselves they forgot about me
And I'm sittin here, butt-motherfuckin-naked G
But after time went by, yo
You know a nigga like me, had to get down for mines
And I shoulda won a fuckin medal
For takin both of these bitches, to the other level

Bushwick Bill, the other level, part one
Listen and learn, and you'll be aight
Geto Boys outta here, 1991
Year two thousand and forever

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Geto Boys

Geto Boys (ban đầu được viết Ghetto Boys) là một nhóm nhạc rap từ Houston, Texas, bao gồm Scarface, Willie D, và Bushwick Bill. Các Geto Boys đã giành được tiếng tăm cho lời bài hát của họ trong đó bao... Xem toàn bộ

Geto Boys (ban đầu được viết Ghetto Boys) là một nhóm nhạc rap từ Houston, Texas, bao gồm Scarface, Willie D, và Bushwick Bill. Các Geto Boys đã giành được tiếng tăm cho lời bài hát của họ trong đó bao gồm các chủ đề gây tranh cãi như ghét phụ nữ, máu me, kinh nghiệm tâm thần, và xác chết.

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