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Zing MP3

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Zing MP3

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It's the major that the majors wanna sign
They used to pay me for my poppy now they pay me for my rhymes
And most these older rappers hate me on the sly
'Cause we achieved the same things but it just took me half the time
Let's tell the truth
I don't plan on running out of juice
Niggas tryna pose like they represent the youth
I double up the tints, they got me blacking out the coupe
And nothing was the same since my Fire in the Booth
Shit, look at me now, they saying that I'm the golden child
Can't nobody hold me down
Ay, oi trust me, I feel the same
Mummy told me go get this money and kill the game
2017, I've got the leeches on the ropes
Swear these niggas see me and they choke
And niggas used to bang but nowadays them man are tweeting all the smoke
And these rappers big me up 'cause they don't need me at their throats
Little pussies, see you brothers plotting on the low
Having little meetings saying "Stormzy's gotta go"
Woah, I think I got you on your toes
And if I'm being honest with you, I am not your bro
Man say it with your chest if you're an opp
Cah I feel always loved but mandem moving like it's not
And I am not prepared to be a snake to get my spot
But I see them doing neeky little shit to get me blocked
What the fuck is that?
I've been keeping quiet for a sec but now I'm busting back
Got my brother sorting out my cheques, I need to cut him slack
Loading up the bullets in my head and then I double tap
Fuck that, I'll drop another banger, get another plaque
Feeling like I'm running out of favours
Fire on the streets got me bunning down my neighbours
I could flex on your girl like "Honey, I'm a badders"
Man I swear down, I'ma be the number one for ages
The fat dumb judge took a look at me and threw the book at me
Told me what I couldn't be and what I wouldn't be
Never saw the good in me, just the cook in me
And now we ain't getting paid the same, check the booking fee
Man I told them that I'm coming for the riches
Come to make a change, they're coming for the bitches
These funny little rappers and their funny little disses
And haha, you don't make more money than my missus
Little fuckboys, tell them I ain't playing
Turn into a savage when I'm spraying
Please do not disturb me when I'm praying
These dumb pricks wanna see me leave but we're staying
I need to drop my album for the streets, what we saying
Let me drop it for the people
Heard the first tape, they want the sequel
Check the work rate isn't equal
Scary foes on a scary beat, it's getting evil
And if I need to talk about P's, I phone Lethal
Yeah, Bizzle, that's my family, got a little family
He said you've got some millis now, welcome to the family
Remember when you done the Dench Tour and you brang me
2017 now I'm directing like I'm Stan Lee
Feeling better than I've ever been
Filled with adrenaline
Ghanaian king, you can see it in my melanin
Do a world tour, going places that you've never been
Man are doing shows now from Serbia to Kettering
It's funny how it happens when you're young and you're blessed
When they're saying no but my God's saying yes
They stabbed me in my back and put a gun to my chest
But I drink from his blood and I eat from his flesh
Let me balance it, jump on a beat then I savage it
They tried to raise up the P's then I straddle it
You know I came to compete like Abramovich
I just announced the biggest deal in football, let me brag a bit
That's #POGBAck #SoClear #HatingNeverEverGotYouNowhere
Tell me that my city isn't pretty but I know here
Hometown hero, got my niggas and my soul here
That's no fear, tried to have me catting for a figure
I know the game, I know to them I'm just a nigga
I'll leave the game before it ever turns me bitter
And I'll phone my brudda's phone before I see it all on Twitter
What happened to being real?
My friends supposed to tell me how they feel
But speaking up on Twitter isn't trill
They said I need to sign and then they said I need a deal
They said I shouldn't sign and then they said I need to deal
I've got my brother as my manager
A crew are on the brand side
Flipz, that's my right hand
Way before the gang ties
Rhyme's on his trap shit, used to have the [?]
Stop chatting 'bout my trophies, man I won them by a landslide
They come ends, get boyed then try to bill us
I don't beg friends, you can fly with no proppelers
They don't like man, but they know they'll never get us
You want my man, I won't lie, he's probably jealous
Couple man behind the scenes that I just wouldn't reveal
Know them real shower demons that are looking for thrills
You know them real show demons that will [?] him for real
And yeah I came with the goons but they're booking me still
Check it, I'll be posted on the block like a lowlife
I like my watches with no h'ice
You know I've got this, I'm so nice
Impostors with no pride, the mosh pits are so live
Them man are iffy, yeah they're gunning for my doom
But everybody's bad until they run into a goon
They told me back in summer I should drop a summer tune
But I've been working fucking hard, the second album's coming soon
I swear, GSAP Forever

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